Use your mitten to show people
where you're from

Since 2007 Michigan Mittens has been putting "maps" on hands from Kalamazoo to Tim-buk-tu and everywhere in between!

Our Story

If you're from Michigan you know that when someone asks you where you're from you show them on your hands. Born and raised in Michigan, the creators of Michigan Mittens, Erich & Connie Hahne reside in Clarkston (just west of the thumb) with their combined family of five children and two dogs. They also enjoy a small cabin "up north" in Newberry (located at the first knuckle of your index finger on your left map.)

While making the five hour trip back home to Clarkston from Newberry one Sunday afternoon in 2007, Connie shared her "crazy" idea with Erich about making mittens with maps of Michigan on them. "Everyone in Michigan uses their hands to show where they live, or to give someone directions. It’s funny, but we all do it", Connie explained.

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